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It’s my last trimester of my pregnancy and I am in such a stage that one cannot really go out shopping. Either the gawky eyes annoy me or either I am too tired to walk. So I decided to try my luck on online shopping. I was scrolling through different reviews when I read about Lazada promotional codes.

Lazada is one of the most prominent Asian online stores in Malaysia and I have usually heard raving reviews of Lazada from my colleagues or friends. Being too enthusiastic for shopping some make up products I clicked the Lazada online store link and the rest was history. Well the good part about Lazada is that one does not have to try too hard to find the product they are looking for. So at Lazada shopping seems to be pretty easy and flexible.

While I was searching for some eye palettes, a pop up message appeared where the Lazada team was giving Lazada vouchers for their Naked 3 make up palette. I was pretty amazed at the offer and realized how convenient it would be to get my palette delivered at home and at such a great price. As soon as I checked out and went forward I received another discount .The hassle free logging in and shopping at Lazada convinced me in utilizing my promo code with which I bought the Urban Decay brush sets. I was sure that the brush sets were not fake as the 12 piece set had been recently introduced in the market and the 4 power play brushes had been their recently launched product also.

The box set size seemed to be small and I thought I might use this brush set as my travel brush set due to the convenient brush size. One of my friends warned about different scamming that were being done online but when I checked my order, it was authentic and thank god I made the right decision in buying these. After a few days I received a letter informing m about the Lazada promo codes that had earned with my latest shopping. I was way too happy with the kind gesture from Lazada teams side and though of saving them up for some other time. One can find some really good deals at Lazada and there are some really good make up brands being offered by Lazada which are few and difficult to find in other Malaysian stores.

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